Meet our Team

Seegrid, founded in 2003, optimizes workflow processes for the material handling industry with vision-guided robotic pallet trucks and tow tractors. Backed by more than 30 years of innovation and research, Seegrid’s Robotic Industrial Trucks increase productivity and reduce costs.

Our team represents the best-in-class, including the world’s leading robotic scientists as well as engineers, programmers, logistics practitioners, and entrepreneurs.

Anthony Horbal

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Horbal, Chief Executive Officer of Seegrid, joined the company in 2009 to commercialize and globalize its robotic technology and invention.  With a history of establishing and aggressively growing healthcare organizations, he achieves tremendous success by expertly raising capital and deftly establishing productive corporate infrastructures within the organizations he pilots.  Mr. Horbal is an entrepreneurial, high-energy executive with the vision necessary to found and develop profitable and productive companies. This success is the result of combining his strong and charismatic leadership with a high level of energy, perseverance in difficult situations, and the ability to turn adversity into positive accomplishments. The organization's goals and business vision of transforming the global marketplace are then disseminated to the team in a comprehensive and inspirational format, thereby transforming abstract thought into concrete action.

Mr. Horbal holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Business Administration degree from West Virginia University.



Dr. Hans Moravec, PhD

Chief Scientist and Founder

Dr. Moravec is a former research professor and director of the Mobile Robot Lab at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. His academic work has been funded by numerous government agencies, including the Office of Naval Research, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Dr. Moravec is the author of two books, Mind Children: The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence and Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind, which explore the implications of evolving robot intelligence.

Dr. Moravec holds a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University, a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from University of Western Ontario, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Acadia University.



Mitchell Weiss

Chief Operating Officer

As Seegrid’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Weiss is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of the engineering and manufacturing departments.

Prior to Seegrid, Mr. Weiss worked for Brooks Automation as the chief technology officer. Mr. Weiss came to Brooks after the strategic merger of Brooks with PRI Automation. At PRI, he served as chief technology officer and vice president of strategy/technology, overseeing growth from $20M to $450M in annual revenues between 1994 and 2002. Before these roles at PRI and Brooks, he was president and founder of ProgramMation Inc., as well as co-founder and chief engineer of United States Robots.

Mr. Weiss is the co-author of Industrial Robotics: Technology, Programming and Applications. He holds 20 patents and earned several academic and industry awards, including being named to Industry Week's Top 50 R&D Professionals.

Mr. Weiss holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned a Graduate Certificate in IP from Northeastern University.



David R. Heilman


As Seegrid's President, Mr. Heilman oversees finance and operations.

In his previous position as chief financial officer of Precision Therapeutics, Inc., Mr. Heilman received a Pittsburgh Business Times 2010 CFO of the Year award. Mr. Heilman also served as managing director of The Meridian Group, a private mid-market investment banking and management consulting firm. Previous positions include executive vice president, chief financial officer, and vice president of strategic planning and corporate development for GNC Corporation, and president of First Westinghouse Capital Corporation (Westinghouse Financial Services).

Mr. Heilman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bucknell University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Pittsburgh.



Michael M. Hasco

Chief Growth Officer

As Seegrid's Chief Growth Officer, Mr. Hasco is responsible for the company's global business development.

Before joining Seegrid, Mr. Hasco served as the vice president of global account sales for H.J. Heinz Company, where he designed and successfully led a global accounts cross-functional foodservice team in the United States, Europe, and Asia. During his time with Heinz, Mr. Hasco increased global account sales by 139%. As vice president of global account sales, Mr. Hasco was responsible globally for McDonalds, Burger King, and Yum! Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell).

At Nestle, USA, Mr. Hasco held the title director of foodservice management accounts. During his tenure, he implemented and managed a dedicated sales and marketing strategy that was responsible for $264 million of foodservice and retail product sales to Sam's Club.

Mr. Hasco holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas at Dallas and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree from the University of Pittsburgh.




Michael Straub

Vice President of Engineering

As Seegrid's Vice President of Engineering, Mr. Straub oversees the engineering staff and company's technological development.

Prior to Mr. Straub’s position at Seegrid, he was the reactor protection systems manager for Westinghouse Electric Company. Mr. Straub held the position of production engineering manager at Sony Electronics where he was responsible for a two-shift operation at the Pittsburgh plant with an annual production of over 460,000 market-leading projection televisions.

Mr. Straub served in the U.S. Navy as Lieutenant, Naval Reactors Headquarters in Washington D.C. from 1991-1996.

Mr. Straub holds a Master of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Finance, Information System Development and Product Development from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as a Bachelor of Science of Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, and Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification.



John Mazock

Vice President of Manufacturing

As Seegrid's Vice President of Manufacturing, Mr. Mazock is responsible for the company's manufacturing operation.

Prior to Mr. Mazock’s position at Seegrid, he was director of operations at L-3 Communications, Brashear Division. Previous employment to L-3 Communications includes director of manufacturing at Matthew’s International, iDL Division, production manager at Sony Electronics, and electrical engineer at Conrail Inc.

Mr. Mazock received Sony’s Gold award for his participation in the start-up of a first synchronous CRT and television final assembly manufacturing system and was recognized at Sony with a “Leads with Action” award. Mr. Mazock is a Six Sigma Champion and has expertise in lean manufacturing and quality systems.

Mr. Mazock received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.