seegrid GP8 robotic industrial truck flexible AGV in distribution center

Automation For Everyone

Seegrid is passionate and committed to continually developing simple, affordable, and flexible automation solutions for the efficient and safe transport of materials handling, making automation available for every manufacturing and distribution facility.

Why Choose Seegrid? Traditional expensive automated guided vehicle (AGV) solutions were options available only to a select group of Fortune 500 companies, but our enthusiasm for providing affordable solutions is reinforced through our suite of flexible vision-guided AGVs—robotic industrial trucks. Unlike any other offer for AGV solutions, Seegrid’s revolutionary concept is Risk Free Automation—our Try Before You Buy program. Seegrid automated pallet trucks and tow tractors navigate utilizing Seegrid’s patented vision-guided navigation system—no wire, laser, tape, magnet, or infrastructure is required for operation. Flexible AGVs are the most advanced and efficient solution for automatically transporting product and optimizing materials handling and manufacturing processes. Customers will experience an immediate increase in productivity, reduction in costs, and a rapid ROI in their manufacturing or distribution facility with simple, affordable, flexible AGVs.