Why Seegrid

seegrid automated guided robotic pallet truck

Why Seegrid

Would you like to increase productivity, optimize operations, reduce costs, and create a safer work environment? Flexible AGVs deliver savings and safety in several ways, and improve your return on investment.

Cost Savings

Productivity Savings: Workers are focused on value-added tasks, not tasks that can be automated with automated vehicles 
Labor Savings: Our products act as a direct labor offset and help reduce the amount of manned travel time
Safety Savings: Reduced opportunity for injury and less product and facility damage 
Maintenance Savings: Familiar equipment and maintenance processes
Investment Savings: Lower initial investment than other technologies, lower total cost of ownership

Safety & Durability

Flexible AGVs provide safe, consistent, and regulated vehicle movements that do the following:

  • Seegrid’s products conform to all recognized applicable safety standards when used as directed, and meet the regulatory requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration in the jurisdiction of initial delivery. For more details go to Conformity/Compliance page.
  • Reduce overall facility traffic, worker miles traveled, and improved worker ergonomics
  • Flexible AGVs automatically slow down when they see an obstacle and self-start when the obstacle is removed, promoting consistent safe operating practices

Flexible AGVs are durable, using existing industrial truck technology, combined with service and maintenance practices:

  • Industry standard mechanical parts and batteries
  • Field proven technology that can be serviced and supported by your local authorized distributor or in-house maintenance staff
  • Camera imagers sourced from automotive industry and designed for tough environments
  • Modular components can be easily changed so your vehicle is returned to service immediately
  • Automated vehicles utilize standard electric industrial truck batteries, minimizing your cost of maintenance and support

If you want to increase productivity and reduce costs, contact Seegrid today.