AISIN USA Manufacturing Inc.

"The robots help the employees work more efficiently in the manufacturing area...planning and time management is improved because they know when the robots will return.  Team members even provide suggestions on how to improve our lean process with the use of robots.  Seegrid robots greatly reduce cycle time in getting components parts to the manufacturing area from the receiving dock.  The robots also help in moving finished goods from the order pulling areas in shipping to the shipping docks."

Mark Hamilton, Transportation/Logistics Specialist

American Packaging

“Once we got the robots in, the workers realized they worked for them...they’re always there for them and they help them do their job better.”

Jon Smick, Finishing Manager


“Robots have streamlined our process flow through centralized route management and improved our dock-to-stock timing, as we now partner our delivery process with the use of robots.”

Aaron Purman, Operations Manager

New South Express LLC

"New South Express was experiencing production increases and we either had to add labor manpower and man operated equipment or automate.  We chose to automate with robots after Seegrid demonstrated the GP8 robotic pallet trucks at our facility.  The safety was the most important part of the demonstration and provided us with the confidence to move forward with Seegrid."

Dave VanBrimmer, Engineering Department Manager

Daimler Trucks

"We were looking at an AGV but didn't want the wire guides, magnets and lasers that come with it–we needed flexibility to be able to change the routes easily and frequently and the GT3 does that for us. We use the GT3 to continually supply parts to our assembly stations. We love its versatility–we are able to simply change and perform multiple routes for our first and second shifts and do a completely different route for our third shift–just that flexibility alone provided us real value."

Donnie Dixon, Supervisor Materials Control

Giant Eagle

"On any given week, inbound product will travel up to 5,000 miles, and we need to effectively handle the daily flow…Incorporating the Seegrid pallet robots in the warehouse grocery operation has allowed us to improve dock-to-stock speed and productivity…From an efficiency standpoint, we have reduced manned travel for putaway by 20% to 30% and increased hi-lift pallets/hr by 20%. The cost effectiveness that the new system incorporates has allowed us to remain successful in an extremely competitive environment.”

Joe Hurley, Senior Vice President of Distribution and Logistics

YUSA Corporation

"The adaptability of the GP8 is ideal for our fluctuating floor layout. New routes or stops can be done immediately with minimal effort. The reduced direct labor costs, enhanced safety, and Seegrid’s proficient customer service have contributed to a successful implementation of the GP8 robots into our workforce."

"Seegrid has one of the best customer services I have ever experienced."

Darla Barnes, Engineering Specialist

Hearth and Home

"The Seegrid Robotic Industrial Trucks give us much more flexibility and is much easier to use and maintain than our other AGVs.  We can accommodate product flow changes basically on the fly.  With the Seegrid Robotic Truck, we can add or change a route in about an hour, versus days.  Because it's simple to manage, our production operators can do their own troubleshooting, helping to reduce our service and maintenance costs."

Dave Richmond, Continuous Improvement Manager