Guided by Seegrid

guided by seegrid robotic industrial trucks


Current List of Announced Guided by Seegrid Partnerships:

guided by seegrid robotic industrial trucks



guided by seegrid robotic industrial trucks

Guided By Seegrid®

Integrating automation on trusted equipment brands.

Seegrid has partnered with the leading industrial truck suppliers to provide Guided by Seegrid driverless pallet trucks and tow tractors to the materials handling industry. 

Guided by Seegrid flexible AGVs utilize vision-guided technology for navigation.  The innovative technology allows vehicles to be trained and deployed in a warehouse or manufacturing facility quickly and efficiently, eliminating non-value-added repetitive tasks.  The vision system provides operators complete route flexibility; translation: AGV routing can be re-programmed in a matter of minutes supporting the up-to-date needs of every facility. 

With rapidly rising labor and operating costs, Guided by Seegrid vehicles are used to decrease costs while improving operational productivity and efficiency.  Robot operators use the AGVs in both automatic and manual modes.  Flexible AGVs decrease employee injuries and product damage while increasing facility safety.

Want to learn more about Guided by Seegrid flexible AGVs?

  • The Raymond Corporation representative:

              Rudolf Koetter, Automation Manager

              Phone: 607-656-2817             


             Raymond Courier

  • Linde Material Handling representative:

              Cle´ment Masson, Junior Product Manager, Warehouse Europe

              Phone: +33(0)1 3068 4651


             Guided by Seegrid® P50 C

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