GP8 Pallet Truck

GP8 Pallet Truck

Robotic Automated Guided Vehicle


So advanced, it’s simple.  The most simple, affordable, flexible automated guided vehicle (AGV) for transporting palletized goods, the unmanned GP8 single or double length pallet truck uses Seegrid’s patented vision-guided technology to map its guidance within the existing environment. No infrastructure, facility modifications, or engineering resources are required for the pallet truck to operate.  Position the GP8’s forks under the pallet(s), enter a programmed route on the keypad, and the vehicle travels without wire, laser, tape, or magnet.

Designed for easy operation and flexibility, Seegrid’s GP8 pallet truck utilizes WalkThruThenWork® deployment and vision-guided technology to provide operators complete vehicle control to quickly modify or add routes without engineering support. 

Within a warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility, reduce your materials handling cost per move by eliminating waste in labor resources typically used for non-value added transport activities.  Ideal for applications such as selection, putaway, long hauls, and cross docking, the automated pallet truck improves worker and facility safety, reduces labor and operating costs, and reduces product, facility, and equipment damage, increasing productivity and profitability.

Designed for optimizing material flow and throughput, the AGV can be deployed as a stand-alone or scalable automation solution.  Integration with current software systems, such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or Manufacturing Execution Systems, maximizes the use of vision-guided AGVs in a facility, improving operational efficiency. 

With safety a priority in all Seegrid products, the complete vehicle system of the GP8 pallet truck meets U.S. safety related standards when used as directed by properly trained personnel.  The GP8 automated guided vehicle operates in both automatic and manual mode. 

Download GP8 Double Product Specification Brochure

Download GP8 Single Product Specification Brochure

Seegrid GP8 robotic industrial truck flexible AGV Seegrid GP8 robotic industrial truck flexible AGV Seegrid GP8 robotic industrial truck flexible AGV